This is an offer of disability insurance to you as a member of NNN

Through SpareBank 1 Insurance, we are offering you:

• Disability insurance for NOK 399 432 (reduced by 5 % per annum from 51 years old)
• Monthly payments after 12 months’ sick leave.
• Insurance without a medical certificate (only valid until 1 July 2017)
• Competitive price: just NOK 496 per month
If you are in receipt of benefits from NAV (sickness benefits, work assessment allowance or a disability pension), then you are not permitted to join the disability insurance policy.

If you are incapacitated for work within two years of joining the insurance policy as a result of an illness or condition that you had upon enrolment, and that it may be assumed you were aware of, you will not be entitled to any compensation.

Payments for this insurance policy will be in addition to your membership dues.
You will receive a separate giro. You can contact us by email at:


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